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Vision, Mission & Student Learning Outcomes


Empowering every student to pursue their academic, vocational, and personal goals.


We are committed, as a professional learning community, to continuous improvement in providing a diverse and high quality educational program where all students are provided the opportunity to develop and deepen their knowledge and skills required to:

  • Actively participate in further educational pursuits
  • Obtain or advance in fulfilling career goals
  • Ethically participate in a multi-cultural civic society



Effective communicators who can engage in meaningful interactions:

  • Comprehend and analyze written, spoken, and visual information
  • Convey complex thoughts and ideas in varied formats
  • Synthesize complex communication and data, and respond orally and in writing
  • Develop relationships that advance the idea of cooperation, in positive community and work-based environments


Productive Individuals who utilize current tools to set and achieve attainable goals:

  • Gain knowledge sufficient for understanding and achieving personal, educational, and employment goals
  • Possess digital literacy, as well as mastery of other tools, necessary for successfully achieving educational goals, gaining employment, and interacting within the community
  • Organize effectively for maximum efficiency
  • Develop self-reliance, while maintaining a sense of social responsibility


Critical Thinkers who:

  • Problem solve utilizing mathematical, numeric, and formulaic concepts to resolve challenges present in daily life and in the complex environment of today’s workplace
  • Utilize knowledge and resources to resolve complexities of societal issues
  • Employ creativity and forward thinking to seek out solutions to challenges


AAEC Slogan

Building Futures at AAEC!